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Anonymous: Besarte a un chico extranjero una noche te hace puta?

una puta es una mujer que cambia favores sexuales por dinero. cada uno debería hacer con su cuerpo lo que quisiera sin sentirse presionado socialmente. la gente tiene demasiados prejuicios..

Anonymous: Donde compraste los zapatos que traes en la foto de la montaña?

son de la marca underground y me los compré en londres.


this is kinda scary because how did he even got my email adress….?


i just got an email from a guy from my chinese class telling me that he found a job far away from the city. he will be gone for 2 months but he wants to get to know me better and he’s asking me on a date. how am i suposed to handle a date with a 26 year old guy when i can’t even talk to him for more than 6 min without feeling awkward…..

18:12 on the go

we have been talking for 24h non stop and idk it’s cute but i don’t know you and i need my space… u kno


so i had to go all the way up in a car with the guy my friend tried to set me up with 4 months ago “m” and with the one he tried only a few weeks ago… it was gonna be super awkward for me. m is definitely not my type but i found out during our lil trip the other one was a pretty decent guy…
we arrived to the bbq party and started eating and drinking some beer. i found it so cute that they had prepared some meat-free food for me!! after lunch we just chilled out for a bit and went up to the top of the hill to see the beautiful landscape. we arrived first and we just sat on this lil hut roof and i layed down next to him because i was feeling dizzy. after a while it started pouring so we went back to the house. he left right away and an hour after we also left. when i arrived home i was kinda flying in the weed-pills-beer cloud. it was then we he msged me and it gave me butterflies in my tummy.


he’s complimenting me omg why is he doing that he’s too cutee!!!!